About Us


Italcanapa Scarl was founded in 2018 by the will of 21 Aprotab farmers (Aprotab is an historical reality in the cultivation of tobacco) in order to drive the conversion to the green economy.

Italcanapa only uses hemp seeds of Cannabis sativa L. certified by the European Union, with THC content lower than 0.2%.

The 21 farms are located in Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Veneto, with more than 1000 hectares (2740 acres) available for hemp growing.

Italcanapa farming approach is both innovative and natural, enhancing biodiversity and traditions by respecting the different soil characters of any production area. “Organic” techniques are eco-friendly: pesticides and herbicides are completely ruled out, having been replaced by organic and natural amendments.

Italacanapa offices are located in Arezzo, Tuscany, Via Oriana Fallaci n.7 “(formely Via Trasimeno)”


Industrial hemp farming must abide not only to national rules but also to European regulations.

Hemp farming is permitted exclusively from certified seeds. Hemp varieties must be registered in the common catalog of plant species kept by the EU (Dir. 2002/53 / EU 13/06/2002, art. 17). Hemp varieties must contain a maximum of 0.2% THC value. Any farmer's liability up to the limit of 0.6% THC is excluded.

With regard to the seeds purchase, hemp seeds must come from a certified seller and the farmer must keep tags and invoices for no less than 12 months (DDL S. 2144, 22/11/2016, art.3).

Italian authorities (Corpo forestale dello Stato) are entitled to carry out random controls at the farmers cultivation sites (DL 91, 24/06/2014, Lg. 116, 11/08/2014)